These United States

So I got my first Etsy sale on March 8, 2012 for a pair of custom rain boots that needed to go to Castle Dale Utah. I was so happy although it took two months to get that sale I was officially in business. I received my second order in March also and that pair of camo boots went to San Francisco California! It would be several months before I got another order and ironically the next three orders went to Australia…yeah I typed Australia. I was floored not only was I selling my work to people in the US but I now could say I was an international seller. Where am I going with this, its not to brag, its to tell you the goal that slowly developed as I sold more. In 18 months of selling I have 31 sales, and those sales had me thinking…inner monologue went like this. “How cool would it be to ship and item to every state in the US?”

Here is the finished pin board my son and I created today. I hope to add to it soon!

It stayed an inner thought until one day I voiced this thought to my wonderful supportive husband, who someday I should promote to manager. He has ideas that I don’t know how I didn’t think of them. Case in point his response to what had been just my inner thought was “so print out a map and put thumbtacks in the states you’ve sold to.” Brilliant why didn’t I think of that. Fast forward to many months later and I finally put that brilliant idea into action.

My son, who is 8 and out of school for the summer, offered to help make this board. A small feat getting him to agree to help. So this morning we set off the Walmart and I bought a cork board and push pins, which he insisted on being black, so you can see them. We printed out a map of the US, Canada, and Australia. We put on the maps got our black pushpins ready and I pulled up my sold orders on Etsy. We began filling in the map.

This is the pin board that my son and I created today!

I set off to work as usual on Tuesday but once I got home and saw my board I was inspired again by those United States. I am a history buff and love the show on TV called “How the States Got Their Shape” I find it so interesting to know the history behind the states. So once again I turned to Etsy and created a treasury of state inspired items. I have house wares like pillows and coffee mugs, to cool artwork using words to make up a state and string. The history buff in me put a few vintage maps in there too. Check out the treasury on Etsy and get inspired too.

You can find other treasuries that I have created by following my on Etsy @TheCottonRoad, or you can get updates on my Facebook page to also The Cotton Road

I love taking a simple idea and making it fun. So if you have an idea for a treasury leave a comment and maybe my next treasury and blog post can be inspired by you!logob


Crochet in Public Day 2013

Do you crochet or knit in public? Do you get stares, or questions coming your way? I know my son gives me the look like really mom, I can’t wait until he’s older and its really embarrassing, he’s only eight.734357_10200117930968406_623103758_n

I’m not sure about you guys but I take my crochet with me wherever I go. I take it to work, to lunch, I even took it to the parade on Memorial Day. I can’t go long without crocheting so I take it with me in case I get a few minutes here and there, who knows what I’ll get done in that time.

I’ve had a quite a bit of interest in my items to from waitresses, people walking by, while most people ask “what are you knitting?” its interest none the less. I gently correct them and sometimes give the difference, I also usually give a business card it can’t hurt right.

I crocheted this primary at my sons football practices and games last season. My of the moms would ask are you almost done, or where is the blanket we want to see it.


Today June 8th is National Crochet in Public Day. according to Red Heart though its the week of June 8-16. What are your plans to celebrate this wonderful day.

I wish you all happy National Crochet In Public Day. Comment with where you plan to crochet today. I’m sure mine will be in a restaurant of my son’s choosing.

An Ode To Summer…

I was surfing through Etsy today and I came across a photo of a radio flyer wagon in a field of grass. If that doesn’t say summer, I don’t know what does. Summer is a time for fun, no more school, although not as much fun for us parents. It’s a time for lazy days laying in the sun, going to the beach, cooking out, baseball, and so much more. I think of lemonade stands and kids getting dirty. summer

Although the weather here in Buffalo is a bit bipolar, 83 a few days ago and 66 today, summer is here. School is almost out just a few short weeks, the grass has been mowed several times, the spring blooms are giving away to summer blooms. Soon enough we’ll be watching the fireworks and praying for fall to beat the heat.

Back to that radio flyer, it inspired me to find other summer things on Etsy. Now my 12 slot treasury by no means is all that Etsy has to offer. If you are looking for new summer decorations for your home, a summer hat, a necklace, or maybe just artwork that speaks summer, check out my treasury. If you want a little more go exploring yourself, just type in summer in the search bar. What will you find?

I leave you with a quote from an unlikely source, Mr. Henry Rollins

“We  know that in September, we will wander through the warm winds of summer’s wreckage. We will welcome summer’s ghost.”logob