Crochet in Public Day 2013

Do you crochet or knit in public? Do you get stares, or questions coming your way? I know my son gives me the look like really mom, I can’t wait until he’s older and its really embarrassing, he’s only eight.734357_10200117930968406_623103758_n

I’m not sure about you guys but I take my crochet with me wherever I go. I take it to work, to lunch, I even took it to the parade on Memorial Day. I can’t go long without crocheting so I take it with me in case I get a few minutes here and there, who knows what I’ll get done in that time.

I’ve had a quite a bit of interest in my items to from waitresses, people walking by, while most people ask “what are you knitting?” its interest none the less. I gently correct them and sometimes give the difference, I also usually give a business card it can’t hurt right.

I crocheted this primary at my sons football practices and games last season. My of the moms would ask are you almost done, or where is the blanket we want to see it.


Today June 8th is National Crochet in Public Day. according to Red Heart though its the week of June 8-16. What are your plans to celebrate this wonderful day.

I wish you all happy National Crochet In Public Day. Comment with where you plan to crochet today. I’m sure mine will be in a restaurant of my son’s choosing.


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