I don’t knit…

I wish!!!
I wish!!!

Have you ever been sitting there minding your own business crocheting and someone says to you, “Ohhh what are you knitting?”  Insert mental angry face as the polite you responds with a smile and a “oh this isn’t knitting its crochet”.

This happens to me on a regular basis. People above the age of I’d say 15 should know the difference right? So the angry face and polite brain have this little duel when I hear those dreaded words, with the polite side winning always.  The other day my son had a friend over who is a year or so younger than him, he’s eight, and every now and then I’d look up to see her watching me and finally she says “wow Dimitri’s mom you’re really good at knitting!” She’s a little girl I can’t be mad, no duel there. She follows up this half compliment with my grandma sews good to.

I’m a must be a master magician!!!

Which brings me to my husband, he’s almost trained, it only took 13 years, he had always referred to my crocheting as sewing. This drove me nuts. It wasn’t until I opened the business and began selling my items that he learned the word crochet. Sometimes he regresses but at least when he does that its yarn stuff, not sewing anymore.

I have nothing against those of you that knit and sew. I do own a sewing machine but it doesn’t see a lot of daylight and I tried knitting, got that down it was the purling that messed me all up, but those things just are not what I do. I crochet and I’m proud of it. Who’s with me? Just kidding not taking a stand today but I’d love to hear your stories on those dreaded words that aren’t interchangeable.

Just a thought do knitters get the dreaded question, “oooh what are you crocheting?  Let me know….