Traditions…Do you have any?

Christmas is the season of giving back and our traditions involve giving back. For Santa to come to the Linton house Dimitri must give away some of the toys that he hasn’t played with in the last year. Daddy brings home a box and Dimitri goes through his never ending bin of toys and fills it up. We then take it to the Salvation Army and DSCF2344donate it. He then gets to make his list and mail it to Santa, in the hopes that Santa will fill the toy bin right back up. We’ve been doing this for years.

The next tradition isn’t as established but I think it might just become something we do every year. Last year I saw a post on a pattern designers Facebook page about the 12 days of Christmas Challenge. I checked it out and decided to try it. I made 12 hats and Dimitri and I delivered them DSCF2346to the hospital. It was rewarding on so many levels, one the 12 families received a hat for their small miracle that was made with love and two my son, who’s auditory issue and PDD autism makes babies a no no, got to see babies in a different light and a little sympathy lesson ensued. His autism sometimes doesn’t allow him to understand sympathy or that a baby cries because they need something.

Fast forward to this year and his little mind didn’t forget about our donation, he asked me if we were taking hats to the babies again this year. I promptly visited the Facebook page of Sunset Crochet to the see if the challenge was on again this year and it was, so I signed up and started hooking. I was so happy that he remembered and wanted to do it again that I got a little ambitious decided to make 12 hats for each gender, that’s 24 hats in all. The challenge is 12 hats in 12 days, DSCF2347my 12 days went a little long but none the less the hats were made. I chose a simple bonnet pattern for the girls and a cute newsboy hat for the boys. He even went to the store with me to get special organic cotton yarn, this was a Christmas miracle in and of itself, normally there are tears, yelling and whining when the yarn store gets mentioned.

I stayed up late most nights to get the hats done and at 3:20 am the last hat was hooked and ends darned. I slept for a bit and then we took pictures. He held all the stuff while I shoveled a path to my outdoor photo spot. The hats were tagged with my logo and a Merry Christmas, bagged and in the car we went. My husband even went with us this year. The whole family got involved. We made it through the snow to Woman’s and Children’s Hospital in Buffalo and delivered our 24 hats to the NICU. The nurse was pleasantly surprised and asked if I made them, I smiled and said “Yep, DSCF2348Merry Christmas” With the delivery of the hats our Christmas tradition is complete for another year at least.

There is still time to help your hospital if you would like information about the Challenge or how it started you can visit Sunset Crochet’s website for details.

The craziness of Christmas has turned into the giving of presents, this is seen by the countless commercials about Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping, but you can give anything, time, patience, love, or simply an ear to listen, the gift doesn’t have to have a monetary value. Remember the season and what it stands for. Give of yourself in anyway if you can and you just might get something in return.

Happy Holidays from my family to yours.