Being Connected….

As a crafter, you create from what you aBaby Bear Hooded Cowlre inspired by. I see a pattern on Pinterest and I must make it. I have people send me pictures, with a quick can you make this?. I love to put my own spin on things. I have a Facebook page, Instagram, Google+, and Twitter account. If your reading this you know I have a blog. I sell on Etsy. In the ever growing and changing world as we know it you have to be connected to keep some what up to date on things, there are a few hashtags I still don’t get.

All those social media sites are great and has allowed me to become fans of and receive fans from across the country to across the pond and into England, Australia, France, Saudi Arabia and other far away places. I am grateful for those fans and new inspirations but it has also allowed me to sell items to those countries. It makes me happy to know that somewhere in Australia a little baby is playing with my Monster Eyeball Rattles.

The great thing about being connected in this way is the people that I have actually met or had a real relevant conversation with. I love that in a crochet group on FaceRuffle Skirtsbook I could help walk a beginner through a stitch that they haven’t been able to get or even get feedback on color choices for my own projects. But most of all I’m excited about the new business connections I have made.

Early on I had a friend who does photography and she has the cutest little girls I sent her a few things and she took some pictures. She did a newborn shoot for a high school friend that had twins and asked me to make them something. Her work is amazing and you can findElf Stocking Cap more of her work on her Facebook page Park Avenue Photography. I was asked by a photographer based out of Mississauga Ontario Canada to use my props in her photo shoots. Check out Sweet Spot Photography and if you live in Mississauga or close to it contact her for your photo needs. I also work with a local Buffalo photographer Back Creek Stork Sack Photography based out of Boston NY, (just South of Buffalo NY). You can check out more of their work on their Facebook page. I love all the photos that they send me of my items in action. It can be difficult to imagine something on a baby, and their photos bring my vision into reality. It makes me proud to see my work on a precious little newborn and know that the photographer and new parents are happy with the items. All the pictures in this blog are from these lovely photographers mentioned above.

My other connection is huge to say the least. I was contacted by a friend who was embarking on big life changing decision. She and her husband decided to open a boutique in the heart of Buffalo. She contacted me to be a participaBaby Bear Hatnt in her store. She purchased a lot of baby items to stock in her store. Everything from hats, to boots, to blankets and baskets. It was the biggest order I had ever received. That order was a defining moment in my little hobby turned business. Yeah I had sold to family and friends, I had about 30 sales on Etsy but according to my taxes I have a net profit for 2 years of $3,100. This boutique order wasn’t anywhere close to that in dollar amount but it was so fulfilling to know that someone on their lunch break could go in and buy a pair of booties and give it as a baby shower gift or keep it for their own child. My shop has become legit! So if you live in the Buffalo NY area head down to Lafayette Square and visit Anne at Boutique in the Square. If you live elsewhere she ships so you can still check out her store and order.

These simple connectioLittle Feet Ballet Slippersns have made my shop become so much more that just a shop on Etsy. I couldn’t be more proud of myself and those ladies that I have partnered with. It is a difficult thing sometimes to follow your dreams. But no matter the amount of adversity one faces, in the end its about the goal. I went months without selling a single thing, but it only takes one person to believe in you and your dream. So I challenge you to check out these amazing ladies and their dreams that with your help can be achieved. If you have a business that needs a little love leave a link to your Facebook page, twitter, Instagram etc and I’ll check it out and show it some love. Everyone deserves a shot at their dream. Thank you to those that believed in me and my dream I hope to help others achieve theirs. Baby Girl Doily Photo Prop