More than just hats…

It’s been a busy, and stressful, fall season already. I started prepping for the big wholesale order of hats and cowls in August. In September, I was contacted by another local shop and asked to provide them with hats and cowls too. So in October, I took a wholesale order to the Himalayan Institute of Buffalo. I had a bit of a minor set back in early October, though with a quick hospital stay, I was able to make up ground after some antibiotics. I dropped off a tote full of cowls and hats to Thin Ice Gift Shop this week. Whohoo!! What does that mean…I can start designing!

You guys know I love making hats and cowls, but winter isn’t all year round, unless you live in Buffalo, NY! Joking, sort of. But really, when it comes to crochet you have to really work at having something more than just winter items to keep the business running. Which over the years, I’ve worked hard to try to have other things in in the shop. Here are a few of my items that don’t require snow to be falling to use…

for home
Just a few of my favorite things….

So, in the spirit of I need to make more than just hats and cowls. I’ll be lunching four new items that are what i’m calling functional or practical crochet. They can be used all year round and have multiple uses. The first one is out to testers, and the second one is already made and the pattern is ready to go to testers! I can’t wait to share these with you. They’re perfect for teacher gifts this holiday season, and will fit perfectly in stockings! I’ll give you a sneak peek of what’s coming….

Pebble Beach Pouch


Pebble Beach Pouch

Pattern is coming soon….





Adulting Is Hard….

Someday’s I just can’t adult! Between bills, laundry, dishes, vacuuming, work, and keeping the tiny humans and animals alive I just want to scream I CAN’T ADULT TODAY! I tell the kids adulting is hard, DON’T grow up!

cross stitch5So when I found That Stitch Shop on Etsy and her cute little tongue in cheek cross stitch patterns I knew I had to get them. She has A LOT but “the adulting is hard” one really screamed out to me. I purchased a three pattern bundle and started with the adulting.

I hadn’t cross stitched in probably five years, when I decided to start again. I’m caught up on orders and its just too hot to sit with yarn on my lap. Our house has no central air so it gets toasty in here. I’m giving this cross stitch to a friend but as I was stitching it up, I thought hhhmmm Do people buy these?, maybe I should add these to the shop. So this is the first cross stitch in the Etsy Shop.

I had to figure out though how to finish them before selling. All the cross stitches I had ever done

cross stitch
Blanket Stitch

before I just framed. But these I wanted to finish in the hoop. I found an awesome blog with the coolest felt idea ever and gave it a go. I need to perfect my hand sewing skills but, I’d say its not bad for the first try. Check out Stitched Modern for an awesome way to finish off a project.

I’d love to make you one too. They can be ordered on Etsy by clicking here.

If you cross stitch and want to do your own click here to purchase the pattern from Emily at That Stitch Shop.

Stayed tuned for more of these coming soon!

Happy adulting!


New Pattern Alert…

Good evening all, I’m about a week late with this posting but there has been a lot going on in my personal life in the last week. That’s neither here nor there, but I wasn’t able to

Waterfront Bay Blanket6

get to the computer to post. I introduce to you the second pattern of 2018 published by The Cotton Road Designs, The Waterfront Baby Blanket.

There is just something about a baby blanket that I can’t resist.  When I look for a baby blanket I want something warm and cozy, but lightweight enough for all year round. I love it when there are options and this blanket can be made in multiple colors or a single color. I love the texture of this blanket.

This may just be my favorite baby blanket pattern yet! I fell in love with the sedge stitch when I previewed it for a Stitch Saturday. I needed to design something with Waterfront Bay Blanket5it. The baby blanket just happened to take shape. I had this gorgeous Red Heart Yarn (Soft) in Cinnabar and Deep Sea, pairing that with the cream I had and I knew that was it. I just love these colors together.

I think the stitch is a pretty delicate feminine stitch, but what do you think? Is this a baby girl blanket or can it be gender neutral. The pattern is available on the usual sites…Ravelry, Craftsy, Etsy, and Love Knitting.  If you are not a crocheter and wold like to purchase a finished blanket you can do so by clicking here!

As always happy crocheting!









Do Your Plants Need A Sweater?

The calendar says March, spring should have sprung….not quite where I live and probably not where you live either. It seems as though Mother Nature is confused as to the seasons. Here in Buffalo, New York, we’re a balmy 28 degrees…insert eye roll! I don’t like extreme heat either so I’d be happy with 60 degrees but its a few weeks, cough, months away for us here. But as we get into March and April, the items in the stores become more colorful, tulips, and daffodils are now options for fresh cut flowers, which makes me want to brighten up inside too.

When we moved last December into the new house my beloved houseplants all died from the extreme cold, my father and husband put them in the bed of the truck instead of the warm interior of the truck. It was so traumatizing that it took a whole year for me to begin to replace my plants. As I did though the containers were pretty blah, you know the typical black container that the plants come in. Its not quite warm enough for places to be selling containers yet, so I was stuck with these boring containers. So I design….

I took some unused T-shirt yarn that I had been trying to sell and my M hook and designed a little plant sweater. I thought it was so cute that I decided I would make a medium sized one and a large one too. Aren’t they just the cutest things?

I have published this pattern, if you think your plants need some loving too! These little sweater baskets are sure to brighten up any space. You can find the pattern on Ravelry, Craftsy, Etsy, and coming soon to Love-knitting. If you aren’t a crocheter and want a sweater for your plants, I’d love to make you one! Send me a message or head on over to Etsy.  I do plan on designing a few more of these but I have a baby blanket coming up next! Thank you all for your continued support.



Welcome to the World Little One…

If you know me outside of my little yarn world, you know that if if you’re having a baby, you’re bound to get something from me that is crocheted! Last year my husband and I each had a co-worker that were having baby. One was having a girl and one a boy. I wanted the gift to be unique and something special, which can be tough because you never know what they’ve already received and what their tastes are.

I decided I wanted to do a blanket for both, I know a daunting task, especially as they were due just weeks apart and I was beginning full fall prep. I went to my magic place (Google Drive) where all my patterns are stored and looked in the blanket folder for the special and unique blanket I was in search of. I narrowed it down to a few options, but couldn’t decide, so I went a different route and picked out the yarn first. A little backwards I know, but I thought it’d help me pick a pattern.

I was starting with the little girl, and found this beautiful soft pink from Red Heart (Soft). Now that the yarn had been chosen I went back to the patterns and had two to choose from in that yarn weight.  I settled on the Reese Modern Hexagon Blanket by Lakeside Loops. Seriously fell in love 10 rows in. It fits so well with my business tag line a “A Modern Twist on an Vintage Craft”, in that it uses a technique called filet crochet. I absolutely love the hexagon as they look like little bee hives in a way. I loved it so much that I decided that I was going to do the little boys blanket in it also. My husband said that the couple were huge Buffalo Bills fans, so I went with the Bills colors and used color blocking with the three colors.

So without further or do here is the finished item! As always I encourage you to purchase the pattern if you are a crocheter, and if not I’ll gladly make you one of your very own just visit my Etsy Shop.

Happy Crocheting






My Favorite Shawls…

I know that i’m really bad at this whole blogging thing, but I promise I’m trying to be better. With that being said I recently finished a new item for the shop and thought I’m going to give m followers, and those who stumble upon my ramblings, a list of my favorite shawl patterns.  I’ll start with the one I finished this weekend and its a free pattern to boot! So here they are, I’ll link to each pattern and as always if you aren’t a crocheter yourself you can always purchase a finished item from me!

Pleasure Shawl1
Genuine Pleasure Shawl

Genuine Pleasure Shawl

Pattern: Red Heart Yarns

Yarn: Red Heart Soft



Tea House Wrap
Tea House Wrap


Tea House Wrap

Pattern: Two of Wands

Yarn: Lion Brand Heartland



Wrapped In Warmth Shawl
Wrapped In Warmth Shawl


Wrapped In Warmth Shawl

Pattern: Elk Studio Crochet

Photo Credit: Elk Studio Crochet



Wedge Triangle Scarf
Wedge Triangle Scarf


Wedge Triangle Scarf

Pattern: Hooked On Serendipity

Photo Credit: Rosalie Rivera



Rustic Ridgeline Wrap
Rustic Ridgeline Wrap


Rustic Ridgeline Wrap

Pattern: The Cotton Road Designs (me)

Yarn: Knit Picks City Tweed DK



Here are just a few of my favorite shawl patterns, I am very partial to the triangle shawl, but had to throw in my rectangle wrap because why not! Clicking on the link will take to you to the pattern and if you’d like me to make one for you please head over to my Etsy shop or email me directly at

Thanks for reading and happy crocheting




















The Holiday Season

The turkey was trimmed, and as some laid on the couch trying not to fall asleep after the big meal, others were gearing up for black Friday shopping. But lets face it, its not really just Friday, its the whole weekend and Monday. Finally a Monday we can be happy about!

So Fridays deals happened, then you wake up to Small Business Saturday, a day dedicated to those of us with a small business. Whether its a home based business like mine, or a local shop in the heart of downtown, it’s a day designed to support your neighbors. Sunday is the day of recovery! Then its Monday, while some people are trying to not get up for work after the long weekend, others are prepping for cyber Monday.

I realize I should have wrote this post on Thursday as I was trying not to fall asleep, but I was busy working my fingers until they were numb. I’m still doing that but decided to take a break to write this.

I threw caution to the wind and ran my sale the whole weekend and Monday. So there is still time! In case you didn’t know I have two Etsy shops. The Cotton Road, where I sell finished items and The Cotton Road Designs, which is my original crochet patterns. You can also find original patterns on Ravlery.

Here are the sales:

Etsy finished item shop: Spend $25 and receive 15% off your total order {ends Monday at midnight}

Etsy pattern shop: Buy 2 patterns and receive 15% off {ends Monday at midnight}

Ravelry pattern shop: Buy 5 patterns and receive $10 off {ends Monday at midnight}

Just a few of my items, both finished and available patterns.

BONUS SALE on Etsy  20% off the purchase of a Chunky Christmas Stocking! {ends December 8th} Christmas Stocking

I hope that you can stop on by and find something you like, whether its finished item for a loved one, or a pattern to make that someone special a gift. Your support means the world to me and my family.