Mel Linton

How It All Began…

DSCF1955Sitting in the kitchen of my aunt’s home with scraps of yarn and the biggest crochet hook she had a passion was born. At 12 my aunt would crochet barbie clothes with the smallest thread i’d ever seen. She would make hats and blankets, anything really.DSCF2272

She slowly began to show me how to work the hook and I would start her projects. When I had mastered chaining stitches she showed me the next part, and the dream began. I can’t tell you how many scarfs, and afghans I made throughout my early years but there were lots.

Fast forward to today and I have expanded my knowledge and skill level tremendously. I love to make baby items and household items. I prefer to crochet with cotton yarn as there is no other feeling than cotton. It washes well and will always keep you warm. All three photos that you see are made from cotton. The cotton is nice because it holds it’s shape and easily cleaned up when baby makes a mess on it.

218 h1Not only is it durable and washable its eco-friendly. I love nature and would like to protect our environment as much as possible. I prefer to use Sugar n’ Cream cotton yarn because the cotton is grown right here in the good ol’ USA. Keeping jobs here and cuts down on shipping costs from foreign countries.

As far as the actually crocheting I have come along way from my aunts kitchen. Its been 20ish years since I sat in her kitchen and made my first chain stitches. Today, I’m still learning, I love new techniques and stiches which have started to show up slowly in my own designs. I am taking all that knowledge my aunt 886737_366780943459469_486909318_ogave me at 12 and using it hopefully to inspire others. I have taken up where she left off and have began teaching my son how to make chain stitches. Hopefully the art of crochet will live on with him.

Thank you for stopping by, come back often, until next time…


4 thoughts on “Mel Linton

  1. I saw the fractal doily on your page and wondered if that pattern is still available. I looked on Ravelry, but can’t find it.

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