Time to Bundle Up

So the snow has stopped falling, but it’s still very cold here. So now that its back to school and work, you’ll need a sweater to keep you warm. Since the blanket round up went so well here are some of my favorite sweaters and links to the patterns. Stay warm!

Cairbre cardiganCairbe Cardigan by The Velvet Acorn Designs







sophie's cardiganSophie’s Cardigan by Mon Petit Violon (I love this pattern, and have made it several times! She is my go to designer for baby sweaters.





sweet heart fair isleSweet Heart Fair Isle Sweater by Ball Hank n’Skein





classic baby cardiganClassic Baby Cardigan by Holland Designs







Vphee_01_mediumVphee Sweater by Rohn Strong (Those lines, I love how its almost a chevron)








danielle-1-logo_mediumDanielle Sweater by Sincerely Pam (I have this in my Revelry library, need the time to make it)









Cocoon Sweater Shrug by Kelly Brooks





Wisteria Cardigan by Melody’s Makings






shining starShining Star by Drops Design








Summer diamond-cardigan

Summer Diamonds Cardigan by One Dog Woof








I hope you enjoy the sweaters that I have shared. If you make one of the sweaters in the round up I’d love for you to share it! I’d love to hear what kind of round up you’d like to see next!





Can you crochet me a sweater….

DSCF4044Can you crochet me a sweater? What would your response to that question be? At this point in time in my crochet life I automatically say sure. After you have crocheted for 22 years, a sweater is cake, I’ve made lots of baby sweaters.  Well I wish it was cake because I quickly ate those words.

Flashback to being deathly ill, ok maybe not deathly, but sick enough that the thought of picking up my hook and yarn was exhausting. I’m half asleep on the couch when my phone buzzes and tells me I have a new message. It’s from a friend and it literally says “Mel can you crochet me a sweater” Maybe it was the sickness but without asking any followup questions I say “sure”. She tells me it’s for her and I suddenly realized I’ve never crocheted an adult sweater. I’m thinking How do I figure out what to charge for this? How much yarn do I DSCF4045need? Can I really do this? She responds with I don’t care how much it costs and I want it sort of longish. So again I must be delirious because my response is “ok let me check for patterns”.

I pull out my tablet and begin a Pintrest search of sweaters. I knew I had a “crochet for her board” that had a few sweaters on it. I saw a pin that I had fallen in love with a year or so ago. It was a longish sweater with a unique stitch design. I sent her the pic and she agreed. We decided on color and fiber and I had just accepted an order for an adult sweater.

The pattern was a free pattern from DROPS Designs called the Jacqueline sweater. I ordered the yarn all the way from the UK. It was Drops Lima which is a beautiful alpaca wool blend. The customer chose a light grey. I ordered twenty-six, fifty gram balls of yarn and waited for it to cross the pond.

Once it arrived, I jump right in. The first night I considered telling her I couldn’t do it. I had so many problems with gauge and getting the right number of stitches. Just when I though I was on the right track I had to start all over because I was one stitch short. That was March 9th. I finished the sweater on April 5th. Those three and half weeks were the longest, leastDSCF4049 fun I have ever had crocheting. There were so many mistakes in that pattern that it took several wonderful ladies who talked me through it and one very special woman who answered my messages every time almost instantly. Without them this sweater wouldn’t have gotten done.

Although this was one project I didn’t enjoy, my opinion on that is because of the poorly wrote pattern, in the end though the sweater came out beautiful. It was heavy and warm even though it was crocheted with a DK weight yarn. There was a sense of accomplishment every time I finished another piece, and pure relief when I wove in the last end of the buttons.

The recipient loved it and in the end that ‘s what matters. The customer needs to be happy. She loved it and I loved that she loved it. Mission accomplished, but I won’t be making another one anytime soon!

Lessons learned from this project. 1. don’t agree to a project when delirious, 2. frustration is easily dealt with if you ask the right people, and 3. finish what you start no matter what.

Until next time…


~Mel DSCF4040