The Holiday Season

The turkey was trimmed, and as some laid on the couch trying not to fall asleep after the big meal, others were gearing up for black Friday shopping. But lets face it, its not really just Friday, its the whole weekend and Monday. Finally a Monday we can be happy about!

So Fridays deals happened, then you wake up to Small Business Saturday, a day dedicated to those of us with a small business. Whether its a home based business like mine, or a local shop in the heart of downtown, it’s a day designed to support your neighbors. Sunday is the day of recovery! Then its Monday, while some people are trying to not get up for work after the long weekend, others are prepping for cyber Monday.

I realize I should have wrote this post on Thursday as I was trying not to fall asleep, but I was busy working my fingers until they were numb. I’m still doing that but decided to take a break to write this.

I threw caution to the wind and ran my sale the whole weekend and Monday. So there is still time! In case you didn’t know I have two Etsy shops. The Cotton Road, where I sell finished items and The Cotton Road Designs, which is my original crochet patterns. You can also find original patterns on Ravlery.

Here are the sales:

Etsy finished item shop: Spend $25 and receive 15% off your total order {ends Monday at midnight}

Etsy pattern shop: Buy 2 patterns and receive 15% off {ends Monday at midnight}

Ravelry pattern shop: Buy 5 patterns and receive $10 off {ends Monday at midnight}

Just a few of my items, both finished and available patterns.

BONUS SALE on Etsy  20% off the purchase of a Chunky Christmas Stocking! {ends December 8th} Christmas Stocking

I hope that you can stop on by and find something you like, whether its finished item for a loved one, or a pattern to make that someone special a gift. Your support means the world to me and my family.






Fall Fashion

It’s October and in most places, especially here in the Northeast, its the most wonderful time of year. The cool crisp nights, apple cider in the air, leaves a multitude of colors, pure heaven. I love the fall, and not sure I could live anywhere the leaves don’t change colors. So with these crisp nights and cool days one must prepare fashion wise. The standard scarf or cowl comes to mind immediately, but hot right now are wraps or shawls.

So just pursing Instagram as I do, and I see the most amazing shawl I’ve ever seen. Now I’m not a big fan of them, never worn one, or made one for that matter, but this shawl grabbed my attention and quick. So of course now I must find this pattern, and low and behold it’s a free one!!!! The angels sing hallelujah in my head, how can this be, its so amazing AND free. So I immediately add the Tea House Wrap into my Ravelry library for safe keeping. The next day I head to Jo Ann’s to purchase the yarn because this is getting made now!

The pattern calls for Lion Brand Heartland yarn, another sign I’m meant for this pattern, that’s one of my all time favorite yarns. With a little help from my boys I pick, Black Canyon, Grand Canyon, Kings Canyon, Yosemite, and Yellowstone! The perfect fall colors for my perfect fall wrap!

I finish the wrap and its even more amazing than I though it could be. This wrap is so versatile it can be worn in so many ways the possibilities are endless. I convince my bestie that she needs to model it for me,because no justice is done with it on the mannequin, it needs shoulders and arms to wrap around. Check out the pattern here and show me your version.



What Does Vintage Mean To You?

DSCF2269        Vintage is a word that you might find anywhere, from magazines to antiques to the runway, the model kind. They say history tends to repeat itself right? If that adage holds true then why wouldn’t the furniture, clothing and other items that people attach the vintage logo to make a comeback every 30 years, give or take. But does it come back in the original form or does it come back with a touch of modern flare to it? While you might find something vintage at an antique store, flea market etc, you are more likely to find something new as “Vintage Inspired”.

Lets look at the difference to be Vintage means, even that needs to be defined. A search on the Google machine, too lazy to find the real DSCF1803dictionary, actually says that Vintage is as noun defined: 1. The yield of wine or grapes from a vineyard or district during one season 2. Wine, usually of high quality, identified as to year and vineyard or district of origin or 3. The year or place in which a wine is bottled. I will concede that vintage wine is the best kind, I’m not writing about wine. If we look at vintage as an adjective it means, 1. Characterized by excellence, maturity, and enduring appeal; classic, or 2. Old or outmoded. We’re getting somewhere now, classic, mature, old, uummm maybe not getting somewhere. Vintage inspired is an item that has been inspired by or modeled after something old, out of date, etc.

DSCF1960Why am I going on and on about definitions. I was recently, 4 months ago, that’s recent in my hectic life, stumbled upon a blanket pattern and instantly fell in love with the pattern, not the price of the pattern, but the pattern. It was unlike any blanket I’d ever seen. I found a link on Pinterest while searching for crocheted blankets. It took awhile to find a link that wasn’t broken, but I did and for a few weeks I admired it, as its now pinned to my Blanket board. I gave in and bought the pattern and looking back now I’m sure glad I did. The name you ask “Vintage Crocheted Blanket” by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas. While I purchased through Raverly, on online pattern website, you can purchased from the website. There are two versions. The baby blanket or the adult throw and afghan. I purchased both. The blanket had vintage in its name and when you read the description on the blanket from the website it says this to describe the blanket:DSCF1810

“Nostalgia with a modern twist.” Among the many things we miss about our dear friend Pam Reece is her crochet savvy. She loved to take a familiar, even nostalgic idea and give it a modern twist.”

No matter which semantic you use, vintage, or vintage inspired we can revel in that nostalgic feeling, something that maybe reminds of years or people that have passed but allows us to impose our personality into it.

For me Vintage is an idea of things from the past. Things that may be gone, old or out of date but can be reinvented, revamped and be useful today, it simply takes someone willing to see the potential in the old to be new.

So I urge you to not pass over things that may seem old, or out of date, but to embrace your creatively and add a bit of the modern touch you may like. History repeats itself after all, its your job to make your history just a bit better, because someday someone will reinvent your idea of history.

Go forth and be creative. On your way I hope that you find inspiration in my “Vintage” blankets or search for vintage inspired patterns….

~Mel DSCF2270