Welcome to the World Little One…

If you know me outside of my little yarn world, you know that if if you’re having a baby, you’re bound to get something from me that is crocheted! Last year my husband and I each had a co-worker that were having baby. One was having a girl and one a boy. I wanted the gift to be unique and something special, which can be tough because you never know what they’ve already received and what their tastes are.

I decided I wanted to do a blanket for both, I know a daunting task, especially as they were due just weeks apart and I was beginning full fall prep. I went to my magic place (Google Drive) where all my patterns are stored and looked in the blanket folder for the special and unique blanket I was in search of. I narrowed it down to a few options, but couldn’t decide, so I went a different route and picked out the yarn first. A little backwards I know, but I thought it’d help me pick a pattern.

I was starting with the little girl, and found this beautiful soft pink from Red Heart (Soft). Now that the yarn had been chosen I went back to the patterns and had two to choose from in that yarn weight.  I settled on the Reese Modern Hexagon Blanket by Lakeside Loops. Seriously fell in love 10 rows in. It fits so well with my business tag line a “A Modern Twist on an Vintage Craft”, in that it uses a technique called filet crochet. I absolutely love the hexagon as they look like little bee hives in a way. I loved it so much that I decided that I was going to do the little boys blanket in it also. My husband said that the couple were huge Buffalo Bills fans, so I went with the Bills colors and used color blocking with the three colors.

So without further or do here is the finished item! As always I encourage you to purchase the pattern if you are a crocheter, and if not I’ll gladly make you one of your very own just visit my Etsy Shop.

Happy Crocheting







Brrrrr…its cold outside

If you live on the East Coast you know that there is a giant storm. Maybe you’re snowed in, or wishing you were. It’s winter’s last big hurrah before spring is officially here. Lets be honest though in certain parts of the U.S., Buffalo, New York being one of them, winter is never very far away. So while I did go to work on the first day of the storm, I’ll be home for the second day with my mini me. So I’ll be doing lots of crocheting! I have several projects started and a few new designs on my hook. It’s not a coincidence that three of those are blankets. So here is a sneak peak of my new blanket design and a few of my favorite blanket designs and a link to the patterns. Stay warm and snuggle up under your crochet!

new blanketNew design that is currently nameless but if you follow me you know I love ripples and cotton blend yarns. Pattern coming soon!




Charlie BlanketCharlie Blanket by Kristen Ballering





Rizo Crochet Baby BlanketRizo Crochet Baby Blanket by Fairmount Fibers Design Team







Hyden blanket Hayden Chevron Blanket by Lakeside Loops (I really want to make this)





wave blanketWave Blanket by Jane Green




vintage blanketVintage Crocheted Blanket by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas (I’ve made lots of these, its one of my go to’s for baby blankets)







Rainbow RippleRainbow Ripple Blanket by Celeste Young





monets garden throwMonet’s Garden Throw by Felted Button (Any thing by Susan is amazing)






Winfred blanketWinifred Baby Blanket By Little Doolally ( One of my favorite designers ever, I really could have chosen all her blankets. I’ve made several)







Its a blanketIt’s a Blanket by Mamachee




4 seasons chevron4 Seasons Chevron Blanket by CrochetObjet





Vintage Fan Ripple Blanket Vintage fan rippleby A Creative Being ( I’ve made several of these too, and it’s FREE)

Finally Finished…

DSCF4748It’s hard to think that someone could work on a baby blanket for over two years, but that my friends is what this post is about. So the backstory goes something like this…

I have an obsession with baby blankets, and baby clothes, and toys, ok crochet in general, but blankets are my favorite thing to make. So I find this designer Little Doolally, and she has the cutest baby blanket patterns. I seriously bought the majority of her patterns in one day! But this one just called to me…the Retro blanket! It was seriously the coolest looking DSCF4746blanket ever. So I go to the yarn room, yes I have a yarn room, no judging, and i’m scouring the room for a Dk weight yarn in several colors. I find the mother load! Apparently I’m obsessed with cotton blend yarn too, eye roll, duh of course I am. But I really liked this Bernat Cottonish Yarn by Vickie Howell because I had every color made, or close to it. I had ten skeins in ten colors. I decided to get a little funky and use it all!!!

I’m sitting at the computer trying to figure out how I’m going to make this work and I decide I want it to be completely random, in terms

Retro Blanket
Progress at the first blog post

of the pattern. So I assigned each color a number. I then Googled random sequence generator. I found an awesome site (random.org) and I put in 1 – 10 as my numbers and hit generate. It literally gave me a random sequence of the numbers. I did this seven times and wrote the numbers down on an index card along with the corresponding number.

It’s now the evening of March 11, 2014. I sit down down in my crochet spot and I start. I make a good bit of progress. To be completely DSCF4741honest I’m not sure what project or event stopped my progress but on January 9, 2015, I write a blog post WIPS, WIPS, and some more WIPS professing my need and determination to complete these unfinished blankets/projects. DSCF4739Needless to say 2015 goes by and no finished blanket. I’m determined now, this is ridiculous. It’s already April of 2016, I have completed my orders, made a few new items from patterns that have been sitting about as long as this blanket, and I decided its time. May 1, 2016 I complete my Retro blanket, two years and two months from the day I started it. I have put it in my Etsy shop and will sell it if someone wants it, but this labor of love will be hard to let go, should that time come! On a side note. I posted a finished picture on Instagram and tagged THE Vickie Howell because of the yarn and not only did she like my photo, she commented! I almost fainted! 13124993_10208035613465520_3746751511780813101_n

Moral of the story perseverance always pays off, and at the end a famous person might take notice, wink wink! Here’s my post with Vickie Howell’s comment!
Blessings and Happy Hooking




WIPS, WIPS, and some more WIPS….

I know that its been a while since I posted. One of my 2015 goals is to write more and post more. I’m hoping to do more designing this year and offer some free patterns and some paid ones. That leap is scary for me, I’m not good with the math aspect so I don’t think I’ll be designing anything that needs more than one size. But I have designed two cowls that are sort of wrote up. I loved designing them so much that I think I want to do a line of Cowls and scarfs for next winter. I know we’re still in winter but not sure I’ll get to it right now because I’m working on another goal…finishing the WIPS from 2014.

Fractal DoilyI usually spend the first few weeks of the new year organizing all my yarn, selling what I don’t want or see no future projects with, preparing my taxes etc. I can tell you this year has been my best year in business. Four years already…woohoo! Time flies when your having fun. Way back when, long before I went into business, I was a little OCD about not starting something new until I finished what I was working on. Well that worked when I didn’t have orders and I crocheted whatever, whenever. Those luxuries are there but not as often. So in cleaning up my craft room. I found five, yes five WIPS. Four of them are blankets and one large doily.

So the beginning of 2015 is going to be all about getting these WIPS done. I’m making progress, the beautiful teal Fractal Doily is done with the crochet part but it needs to be blocked, that hasn’t happened yet. According to my IG feed I started this on 2/16/2014. I’m hoping it’ll be blocked by 2/16/2015. Here’s to hoping…

While I’m mustering up the courage to use about a zillion pins on the doily, I’m working on a Retro blanket by Little Doolally in a totally random color scheme. Random as you can get. I fell in love with Bernat’s Cottonish yarn and started this blanket with 10 colors from this line. I used a random number generator to develop 6 sequences of random numbers. I assigned each color a number and my blanket had a pattern. I wasn’t sure at first but I’m two Retro Blanketsequences away from done, don’t get excited that’s 60 rows, and it looks amazing! I started that on 3/11/2014 and I’m hoping that I can get it done before March of this year. The good news is this one has a shot at getting done because there is no border, no blocking the last stitch is the last stitch.

The other three blankets are all projects that were started for my MIL. She had ordered a blanket in pinks and purples for a baby shower and everyone I started just didn’t feel right.  I started a blanket by Little Doolally called Winifred Blanket in an amazing Alpaca blend by Bernat. That one didn’t feel right So I moved to the Moroccan Title blanket, I found that pattern on Moogly. It just didn’t work with the colors. The last attempt was this Retro Flower Granny Square blanket by Katie Hanken, I started it with Sugar and cream yarn, even though I loved it, I didn’t think I could get it done in time. Those were all started around July as the baby shower was in August. So there are three unfinished blankets some farther along than others in pink and purple to be done. I will say the blanket that got finished Retro Flower Blanketwas perfect for the occasion.

I’m not sure that all five will get finished. I’m going to do my best to finish them all but I’ve already got my first order of 2015, so depending on my lovely customers there may be a pile of WIPS at the end of 2015 too. You’ll have to wait and see. As I finish projects I’ll update you all. Be on the look out for some patterns and if you haven’t heard from me in awhile feel free to ask me where I am, I love to hear from you guys…

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2015!