The Holiday Season

The turkey was trimmed, and as some laid on the couch trying not to fall asleep after the big meal, others were gearing up for black Friday shopping. But lets face it, its not really just Friday, its the whole weekend and Monday. Finally a Monday we can be happy about!

So Fridays deals happened, then you wake up to Small Business Saturday, a day dedicated to those of us with a small business. Whether its a home based business like mine, or a local shop in the heart of downtown, it’s a day designed to support your neighbors. Sunday is the day of recovery! Then its Monday, while some people are trying to not get up for work after the long weekend, others are prepping for cyber Monday.

I realize I should have wrote this post on Thursday as I was trying not to fall asleep, but I was busy working my fingers until they were numb. I’m still doing that but decided to take a break to write this.

I threw caution to the wind and ran my sale the whole weekend and Monday. So there is still time! In case you didn’t know I have two Etsy shops. The Cotton Road, where I sell finished items and The Cotton Road Designs, which is my original crochet patterns. You can also find original patterns on Ravlery.

Here are the sales:

Etsy finished item shop: Spend $25 and receive 15% off your total order {ends Monday at midnight}

Etsy pattern shop: Buy 2 patterns and receive 15% off {ends Monday at midnight}

Ravelry pattern shop: Buy 5 patterns and receive $10 off {ends Monday at midnight}

Just a few of my items, both finished and available patterns.

BONUS SALE on Etsy  20% off the purchase of a Chunky Christmas Stocking! {ends December 8th} Christmas Stocking

I hope that you can stop on by and find something you like, whether its finished item for a loved one, or a pattern to make that someone special a gift. Your support means the world to me and my family.






Baskets…My Favorite Home Decor

Hello followers and people stopping by…today my post is about baskets. I started a feature over on my Facebook page in which I post a link to one of my favorite patterns on Ravelry. Well in perusing Ravelry, I came across these beautiful nesting baskets, Elodie Basket Set.  They just make me happy. I will say my first set didn’t come out the way I wanted so they are not available yet in the Etsy shop. I used a 100% acrylic yarn (bulky yarn) and it just doesn’t hold it’s shape for me. I’m looking for the right yarn to make these in.

scalloped Basket5Since I can’t find the right yarn for those baskets, I decided to try another basket pattern that I just had sitting in my library, the Scallop Edge Crochet Basket. This one is truly my new favorite basket pattern. It’s made with 100% cotton yarn (worsted weight). The advantage to the cotton yarn is that it truly holds its shape. scalloped basket6

But I like to take things a step further, ssssooooo, hello leather handles! Yes you read that right. REAL LEATHER HANDLES! I found some leather pieces/remnants at Michael’s Craft Store.  I also purchased some leather tools, a hand punch and a rotary punch. It’s still a work in progress but I just love the way the handles accent the baskets.

If you’d like to purchase a finished basket, head on over to my Etsy shop. The size of the basket is 7″ in diameter, 5″ high, 27″ around. This basket is the perfect size for the entry way table, shelf, or anywhere really. This can be used in the living room, kitchen, even the bathroom.

As always thank you for your support in this little adventure of mine.



I don’t knit…

I wish!!!
I wish!!!

Have you ever been sitting there minding your own business crocheting and someone says to you, “Ohhh what are you knitting?”  Insert mental angry face as the polite you responds with a smile and a “oh this isn’t knitting its crochet”.

This happens to me on a regular basis. People above the age of I’d say 15 should know the difference right? So the angry face and polite brain have this little duel when I hear those dreaded words, with the polite side winning always.  The other day my son had a friend over who is a year or so younger than him, he’s eight, and every now and then I’d look up to see her watching me and finally she says “wow Dimitri’s mom you’re really good at knitting!” She’s a little girl I can’t be mad, no duel there. She follows up this half compliment with my grandma sews good to.

I’m a must be a master magician!!!

Which brings me to my husband, he’s almost trained, it only took 13 years, he had always referred to my crocheting as sewing. This drove me nuts. It wasn’t until I opened the business and began selling my items that he learned the word crochet. Sometimes he regresses but at least when he does that its yarn stuff, not sewing anymore.

I have nothing against those of you that knit and sew. I do own a sewing machine but it doesn’t see a lot of daylight and I tried knitting, got that down it was the purling that messed me all up, but those things just are not what I do. I crochet and I’m proud of it. Who’s with me? Just kidding not taking a stand today but I’d love to hear your stories on those dreaded words that aren’t interchangeable.

Just a thought do knitters get the dreaded question, “oooh what are you crocheting?  Let me know….