Follow your dreams….

So the other day I open an email from one of my best friends and she’s asking me to read some stories she has wrote. She wants to get at least one published as a children’s book. A little back story my friend owns horses and has three little girls, a seven year old and one and half year old twins. Needless to say her daily life is busy and hectic so I’m not sure when she found the time to write five short stories but she did. The stories were amazing and cute. All five could be published as a series and little kids would love the antics of the three little horses.

Writing might seem like a an easy thing to do but writing to convey a message or make someone laugh and smile takes a great deal of skill. Some people are good at it others are not, but those that can do it draw you in and you continue to read. My friend will test her stories out at the local library to get some responses from actual kids. I think she’ll do great and I’m inspired by her creativity and passion about her horses and writing.

So inspired that I’m writing about it and was inspired to create a treasury. So if you aspire to write keep trying never give up on your dream. The same can be said regardless of the dream. At times you will get knocked down and have set backs but as the saying goes “When you fall off the horse, you get back on”. Continue to dream, without the dreams of people and children the world stays the same. You have to believe that you can do something to change something. Here’s to dreaming!

Here is the treasury on Etsy Ride Cowboy Ride