Is that knitted….

So last year a long time friend, who is one of a kind and loves the most eccentricDSCF4210 things, sends me a text and says “Babe can you make this?”. This isn’t a surprise this is how most of our crochet orders start out, but I’m looking at this picture thinking I’ve never seen anything like this. A little Google image searching happens and its a knitted scarf. Not my specialty, knitting and I have agreed to DSCF4202disagree. I let her know its knitting but to give me a few days and let me see what I can come up with.

It took some more Googling and YouTube to figure out you can actually do a drop stitch in crochet but you actually need a knitting needle to do it go figure! Well for the first scarf I made I didn’t have a big knitting needle so I used a large cake pillar, it worked great. You can tell in the photos because the loops are smaller in the one she is wearing. I’ve since bought the giant knitting needle.DSCF4208

I make the scarf, wrote a few notes down and moved on. It was Octoberish and I had Christmas orders to complete. I forgot about it until recently when I was going through my notebook trying to make sure I had actually wrote up all my patterns in the book and added them to Ravelry. Well that one wasn’t done.  I never wrote down how much yarn, the DSCF4205measurements, what hook I used, nothing but drop stitch, DC and SC repeat. Not super helpful. Oh vey it was like starting from scratch, AND I never took pictures of it, so I really had to remake a scarf to be able to have pictures of not only the finished product but also for the photo section of the pattern.

I start fresh, pick out the most beautiful soft Peruvian cotton yarn and set out to make the scarf again. I write everything down, take some pictures and before I can post the pattern the scarf sells. I write up the pattern add it to Ravelry and within 10 minutes it sells 5 copies! DSCF4212Wow, people love the scarf as much as I do.

My friend loved my version better than the knitted version she had originally sent me. I think its a unique piece that others don’t have, and you can’t find in stores. I hope you guys out there in the inter-web area love it too. It takes a little practice getting the hang of the knitting needle, because you will essentially crochet backwards and turn your work very little. A bit of a foreign Morgan Scarfconcept to us crocheters. If you’d like to try the pattern for yourself you can get the pattern on Ravelry, Craftsy and Etsy. If you are a follower who lives in the UK or any other European country check out Loveknitting. Not a crocheter and want the scarf, I can do that too head over to Etsy or Facebook and order the finished item.

This scarf is meant to be airy, the bigger your loops the more air, so get creative like I did and use whatever you have laying around to make your loops. You can also customize to other weights of yarn. I used worsted weight yarn but bulky or sport weight would look great too. You’ll need to adjust your starting number and length but it’ll look just as great. Thank you as always for your love and support!


~   Mel


Anchor’s away…

If you’ve read any of my previous blogs, you know a few things. crocheting is my passion, i’m from Buffalo NY and I’m a DSCF4092slightly loud Italian. I created my original buffalo pillow and expanded the buffalo line to include the three most prominent heritages in the Buffalo NY, Italian, Irish and Polish. Ok well the Polish one is in graph form not yet made but the intent is there. The next thing to remember about me is I’m obsessed with pillows and graph patterns. I took that obsession and turned it into two more pillows.

There are two inspirations for these pillows. One I received an email for pattern submissions to a magazine and some fabric I saw at JoAnn’s, when buying what else…yarn. I read through the email and with the image of the fabric stuck in my head, and when I read the theme for the July issue I knew what to do…a pillow! So I began the arduous process of drawing and three graphs later I had the vision Anchor's Away Pillowin my head on paper. That spiraled into a whole line of pillows. What is you ask? Well if the title of the post, and the pictures weren’t a give away I’ll just tell you, its a beach theme, and the fabric was dark blue with white anchors.

So the first pattern had to be an anchor pillow. I responded to the email and the editor loved the idea, so I took my graph and went back to JoAnn’s to get just the right shade of blue and red. I loved how that pillow turned out not even a third of the way through. I set out to create a whole DSCF4102nautical theme. I did a lot of Googling and tried to see what would translate into a graph, most of the nautical items I found were round and round is not  an easy shape to translate into a graph. I settled on a sail boat as my second pattern in the line. I would like to add a whale and possibly a captain’s wheel if I can figure out that pesky circle.

I submitted the anchor pattern to Happily Hooked Magazine and they loved it! This for me is a big accomplishment. Way back in January one of my goals for my business this year was to start writing and publishing patterns. I had achieved that with several published patterns in Ravelry but I never imagined in January that I would have a pattern published in a magazine. It is so beyond the goal that I set. I wont be stopping here though I have several ideas for upcoming issuesLet's Sail Away of the magazine so stay tuned.

Back to the anchor pillow, if you would like to have the pattern you ‘ll have to subscribe to Happily Hooked Magazine. The publication date is July 15th. If you would like the sailboat it is available now in my Ravelry Shop, along with the Buffalo pillows and a few other patterns.

Thank you all for your support in this wild adventure!