A Vintage Inspired Bonnet

I don’t know what it is about bonnets that i’m instinctively drawn to. While aimlessly scrolling through crochet Facebook groups, Pintrest boards, and Instagram feeds the thing that always catches my eye are those adorable looking bonnets.

The other day in my before bed looking session I saw that a friend posted the most adorable looking newborn bonnet. While I say that about most bonnets, blankets, shoes, ok pretty much everything crochet, this one actually was! I followed the link which took me to Raverly where I favorited the bonnet and then purchased he next day. If you have never heard of Raverly, Google it or follow the link because it is by far the best place to find patterns for crochet and knitting. I love it because it stores a copy for you so if you lose your pattern, write on it too much or fold it to many times trying to stuff it in your project bag so its no longer legible (yeah I’ve done it) you can always find another copy in your library.

So off to the stash I went, I chose the prettiest, softest cotton blend white yarn I could find. Now I rarely am drawn to white especially for babies but, I had a vision when I saw this bonnet. The pattern comes in newborn to toddler sizes, I was picturing a newborn photo prop hat with dark colored flowers. I headed back to the stash and chose a dark purple, a dark pink and an olive green for the flowers in a mercerized cotton yarn. So I had my yarn, printed my pattern, grabbed my hook and sat in my favorite spot and twenty minutes later I had the prettiest bonnet I’ve made and three flowers. Have you ever gotten in that one more row, one more color change mode and stayed up way
past bedtime? That is where I was too tired to sew the flowers on even though I wanted to finish right away, I needed sleep.

I had to work the next day so after I got home, made dinner and did my grown up duties I was finally ready to finish the bonnet. I sat down sewed on my three flowers and I had the prettiest bonnet I’ve ever made. I’m absolutely in love with the finished product. I can’t wait to see this bonnet on a newborn Baby girl. The bonnet is called the Penelope Bonnet. If you love the bonnet and want one for the little girl in your life or you are a photographer and want one for photo sessions you can purchase through my Etsy shop. If you are a crocheter and want to make your own bonnet check out Unravel Me on Raverly for the paid pattern.

I’m happy to share my little hobby with you. If you do what you love you they say you never work a day in your life right. Thank you to those who let me do what I love.